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Management specialized in startups

Through the management service specialized in innovative startups, we are integrated into the company's daily operations. We specialize in startups, and we take into account the challenges and needs of this type of company that require differential and personalized treatment.
Our work methodology
We accompany you comprehensively in the daily operations of your company so that you achieve success in your business project.

We want to give you a quick answer whatever your problem, so we adapt to your particular needs, using an agile, comfortable and simple work methodology, customizable for each company.

At Intelectium we know the importance of maintaining fluid communication so that you are aware of the current situation of your company: you can contact us whenever you need it, without time limits.
How do we help you?
At Intelectium, we offer a comprehensive management service, with which we are responsible for all your accounting, tax, labor and commercial obligations, leaving behind the concept of management that responds only to the solution of purely administrative management.

Areas of action

Labor Law
Commercial Law
Tax/Tax Law
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