CIEN Program

Loan for business research consortiums


Partially refundable aid


Consortium R&D projects


Outsourcing a Research Center


Minimum of 7M€ and maximum of 20M€


Provision of guarantees


9 years, with a 7 year grace period


The company must make or have recently made a capital injection


Participatory loans


Applied in two sections. The first tranche will be Euribor + 3.25% and the second will be an additional 6% maximum depending on the company's profitability.


They do not require personal guarantees or guarantees, which makes it much more interesting than a traditional bank loan

Title 6

Text 6
The CIEN Program funds large industrial research and experimental development projects, developed in effective collaboration by business groups and aimed at carrying out planned research in strategic areas for the future and with potential international projection.

This is partially repayable aid combined with a current loan tranche and a non-refundable tranche (TNR), the latter tranche being comparable to a non-refundable grant.

The aid funds up to 75% of the presented budget, which must be at least 7M€ and a maximum of 20M€. Each participant in the consortium must receive a minimum of €350,000. Business consortiums must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 companies. In turn, CDTI requires that a minimum of 15% of the budget be allocated to outsourcing a Research Center.

It is a call that is open all year round and a partially reimbursable grant. They are not compatible with other public aid intended to finance the project.
What features does the project have?
a.) Maximum amount requested: 20,000,000 euros.

b.) Minimum amount requested: 5,000,000 euros.

c.) Minimum amount subsidized: 175,000 euros per company and 4,500,000 euros per project.

d.) Industrial research activities: must exceed 50% of the total amount.

and.) Relevant collaboration of research entities: at least 15% of the total amount of the approved project must be outsourced to research entities; at least one of them will be publicly owned.

f.) It is not possible to exceed more than 70% of the fundable budget.
What are the features of help?
a.) Fixed interest rate: 1-year Euribor.

b.) Assistance (financial coverage) of up to 85% of the approved amount.

c.) Reimbursement: 7 or 10 years including a grace period between 2 and 3 years.

d.) Non-refundable tranche of 33% of the aid, calculated on a maximum of 75% of the loan coverage.

and.) The company must finance at least 15% of the project budget with private resources.

f.) Each participating company may receive an advance of 35% of the aid with a limit of 250,000 euros, without requiring additional guarantees.
How long is the project?
Between 36 and 48 months.
Who is it aimed at?
a.) A minimum of 15% of the budget is required to be allocated to outsourcing a Research Center.

b.) Business consortiums, with a maximum of eight companies and a minimum of 3, two of them autonomous and one must be considered an SME.

c.) One of the bodies must be publicly owned.
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