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At Intelectium we specialize in financing for innovative startups and SMEs. We adapt to the stage and needs of each startup, offering financial and management services.

On the other hand, we fully understand the requirements and conditions of the different financial institutions, both public and private and, we help companies to select, apply for and obtain the lines of financing that best suit each company, depending on their type and stage of development.
Public Funding

Are you raising or have you just closed a capital increase? Are you developing or are you going to develop an R&D or innovation project? Discover the public aid and tax incentives that best fit your company.

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Venture Capital

We invest in technology-based startups through our four investment vehicles.

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Financial Services

Do you want to professionalize your company's financial department?

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Human Capital Services

Both startups and innovative SMEs need to attract and retain qualified talent in order to grow quickly and sustainably over time.

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At Intelectium, we become the financial partner of innovative startups and SMEs, increasing their likelihood of attracting funding for their growth objectives or technological and/or scientific development projects. Depending on the characteristics of each company we work with, we analyze in detail which funding instrument for startups or SMEs is best suited.

Before obtaining grants or sources of funding, we collaborate with the company to prepare a business plan, financial projections and, if required by the funding body, a technical report on the viability of the project. We are responsible for understanding the company, adapting and creating from scratch all the materials necessary to obtain funding. We act as intermediaries during the presentation and negotiation, until the signing and obtaining of the funding. Also, depending on whether the submitted project requires subsequent justification, we support the company in that justification in order to be eligible for subsequent disbursements of the aid. In short, we become that financial partner that supports and accompanies the company throughout the entire process of obtaining funds.
Currently, in Spain there are different types of advantageous financing for startups and SMEs. In general, funding for this type of company can be divided into four large blocks
Venture capital or private investment
Financing in a co-investment format
Public funding for R+D+i
Tax Incentives
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