EIT Program

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is one of the most active European entities in the search for solutions to challenges and entrepreneurship. In the EIT network there are more than 2,000 partners, with 1,284 companies (including SMEs), 193 cities, regions and NGOs, 310 research centers and 269 higher education institutions.
European Commission
The European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, promotes innovation and business development in member countries through framework programs for the granting of aid in the form of non-refundable grants. The previous Horizon 2020, which covered 2014-2020, has been replaced by the Horizon Europe program (2021-2027), with which the EC focuses on building a sustainable, just and prosperous future for people and the planet based on European values.

The EIC, in particular, is an EU initiative that operates independently and that establishes an integration between the 3 vertices of the Business-Research-Education triangle to find solutions to urgent global challenges.
The EIT has different Knowledge and Innovation Communities. Each of them seeks to find solutions to a specific global challenge. In addition, they can develop innovative products and services, originate new companies and train a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Currently, the EIT is divided into 9 communities or working groups, which are defined as:

-EIT Climate-KIC

-EIT Digital

-EIT Food

-EIT Health

-EIT InnoEnergy

-EIT Manufacturing

-EIT Raw Materials

-EIT Urban Mobility

-EIT Culture & Creativity

In addition, through EIT Alumni, the entity offers support to all its graduates and alumni regardless of the group to which they belong, the area in which they specialize or where in the world they live.

Each of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities carry out activities that cover the entire innovation chain: from training and education programs, through the entire research journey when it reaches the market, to the launch of accelerators and incubators.

The EIT funds innovation communities up to a maximum of 25%, allowing it to attract capital from industrial partners and private investors.
Challenge-Specific Calls
They are open for projects with specific objectives within priority sectors such as the European Green Deal and Strategic Digital and Health Technologies.
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