EIC Accelerator

The company must be technologically innovative
Non-refundable grants
Project duration between 12 and 24 months.
For projects at a technological development level (TRL) of between 6 and 8.
Finance up to 2.5 million
No personal guarantees.


9 years, with a 7 year grace period


The company must make or have recently made a capital injection


Participatory loans


Applied in two sections. The first tranche will be Euribor + 3.25% and the second will be an additional 6% maximum depending on the company's profitability.


They do not require personal guarantees or guarantees, which makes it much more interesting than a traditional bank loan

Title 6

Text 6
Non-refundable grant for innovative startups
EIC Accelerator is a program that combines access to non-refundable grants of up to 2.5M euros (grant) with an optional investment component in the form of equity of up to 15M euros, aimed at covering the commercial launch phase of the product to the market (TRL9).

It is one of the most interesting European aid programs for SMEs and startups. However, it is very difficult to obtain because of its high competition, only 2% of applications are successful. The purpose of EIC Accelerator is to promote the scalability of companies at an international level. It wants to encourage newly created companies that are developing very innovative products close to the market (TRL 6) to grow very rapidly.

The call for EIC Accelerator grants consists of two phases: phase 1 is a short application that serves as a filtering phase and phase 2, which is the definitive phase where funding is obtained.
European Commission
The European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, promotes innovation and business development in member countries through framework programs for the granting of aid in the form of non-refundable grants. The previous Horizon 2020, which covered 2014-2020, has been replaced by Horizon Europe (2021-2027), with which the EC focuses on building a sustainable, just and prosperous future for people and the planet based on European values.
Open Calls
They are open to any type of projects aimed at the development of science, technology or application of the above; launched by startups and SMEs regardless of their sector of activity.
Challenge-Specific Calls
They are open for projects with specific objectives within priority sectors such as the European Green Deal and Strategic Digital and Health Technologies.
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