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Seals and Certifications

Access all the existing benefits for your type of company by obtaining the appropriate seals and certifications. In a competitive market, these awards not only validate the quality of your services or products, but they also help you obtain tax advantages and the benefits of the new Startups Act, among other utilities.
How do we help you?
We specialize in making the process of obtaining seals and certifications for your startup as streamlined and efficient as possible. Our expert team takes care of all the details, from the initial evaluation to the preparation of all the documentation and upload to the platform to obtain the seal, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. We optimize your resources, maximizing the value of each certification. Most importantly, we offer you ongoing support to ensure that you meet long-term requirements.
Who can benefit?
Each seal and certification has specific requirements. In general, what most seals and certifications for companies in Spain share is the need for the innovation factor within the company, either through the use of technology or through its own development. Another aspect that is usually assessed in order to access these certifications is the age of the company and its size. The ideal is to analyze in depth the variety of available seals and certificates and choose the ones that best fit your type of company and objectives.
Innovative SME Seal
Has your company carried out activities in the field of Research, Technological Development or technological innovation in recent years?

Find out if you are eligible to obtain the Innovative SME Seal!
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Young Innovative Company
Are you less than 6 years old and your spending on R+D+i exceeds 15% of your company's total expenses?

Apply for the Young Innovative Company Certificate!
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Emerging Company
Do you want to benefit from the new Startups Act?

The new Startups Act, approved by Congress last December 2022, aims to establish a specific regulatory framework to support the creation and growth of emerging companies in Spain.
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