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Tax Incentives

In Spain, companies can access reductions in the payment of a certain tax for carrying out certain economic activities, which the State considers to be of interest, or for meeting certain requirements relating to the type of company.

In terms of tax incentives for companies, the most advantageous and interesting are the following:
Tax deductions for R+D+i, Bonuses for research staff, Tax Lease and Patent Box.
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Globally, the OECD highlights Spain as one of the countries that offers the most favorable conditions for those companies dedicated to the development of research, development and technological innovation (R+D+i) projects and activities, who can benefit from special tax treatment.

The General State Administration offers freely applicable tax incentives under a non-competitive competition regime to encourage business R+D+I. In addition, Spanish companies have the possibility of deferring such tax reductions to subsequent years, when these are not applied in the corresponding year due to the absence of sufficient positive tax bases.

At Intelectium, we identify and manage the tax deductions and bonuses that apply to your project so that you can access the maximum possible incentives. In addition, we provide comprehensive advice during the patent box and tax lease processes.
Types of Tax Incentives
R+D+i tax deductions: Companies that carry out R&D or Technological Innovation activities are entitled to an additional tax deduction in installments.

Rebates for Research/Technical Staff: Social Security contribution bonuses for Research Personnel for companies with staff dedicated to R+D+i activities.

Patent Box: Reduction of taxes for the sale of intangible assets created by the company.

Tax Lease: Funding channel to channel private investment into R&D projects. Companies can take advantage of their tax bases.
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This allows us to engage much more intensely and with the utmost professionalism in each case, resulting in proposals that meet all the requirements to be funded. In this way, our success rate in public funding lines for startups and SMEs is one of the highest in the Spanish market.
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