Participatory loan for startups with headquarters in Catalonia


From 50.00€ to 200.00€


Catalan startups and SMEs.


Up to 5 years with a grace period of 2 and a variable interest rate.


Participatory loan


No personal guarantees or guarantees.


9 years, with a 7 year grace period


The company must make or have recently made a capital injection


Participatory loans


Applied in two sections. The first tranche will be Euribor + 3.25% and the second will be an additional 6% maximum depending on the company's profitability.


They do not require personal guarantees or guarantees, which makes it much more interesting than a traditional bank loan

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For newly created companies or entrepreneurs who wish to create their company in Catalonia, IFEM offers a line of co-financing in the form of unsecured participatory loans. Instruments Financers for Innovative Companies (IFEM), is a subsidiary of the Institut Català de Finances (ICF) that manages ERDF funds to provide funding to microenterprises and SMEs to promote the creation and development of startups in Catalonia.
What kind of grants are they?
The grants are in the form of microloans, participatory loans with the collaboration of Business Angels and Venture Capitals networks and guarantee of guarantees.
What is IFEM's objective?
Through IFEM, the ICF manages support for the creation and development of innovative start-up companies through venture capital programs and co-investment with private investors through participatory loans. IFEM manages resources for the implementation of the JEREMIE initiative of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in Catalonia within the framework of the European Operational Program for 2007-2013. IFEM is currently reinvesting the returns on the investments it has made under the JEREMIE program.
What lines of action does IFEM have?
IFEM innovation. Lines of co-investment with private investors. Designed for entrepreneurs or innovative, technology-based and/or scientific-based companies with high growth potential, who seek funding for their investment projects in the initial stages of business creation or early stages of growth and expansion.

Conversion with private investors: Financing with private investors in the form of a participatory loan for companies that are in the initial stages or in the early stages of growth. Through a participatory loan, IFEM may allocate part of the formalized amount (up to a maximum of 15% or 20,000 euros) to invest in the company's capital. Normally, between 50,000 and 200,000 euros are invested per project. The maximum investment made by IFEM cannot exceed the sum of the capital contributions of private investors. In addition, with the objective of accompanying companies in their next rounds of funding, IFEM may increase the amount invested, following up projects with up to 200,000 additional euros under the same conditions. The purpose is to help finance the business plan. A repayment period of up to 5 years is offered with up to 2 years of grace period included. The fixed interest applied to the loan is a reference to the 12-month Euribor plus interest of 5%, the variable interest is determined based on the evolution of the business plan (up to a maximum of 7%). It has an opening commission of 0.5% on the formalized amount. In addition, it does not require guarantees.

Knowledge Industry Program: Joint funding with private investors in the form of a participatory loan for science-based companies within the “Knowledge Industry” Program promoted by the Secretariat of Universities and Research in conjunction with the ICF. Investments of between 50,000 and 200,000 euros are made per project with a maximum fixed interest of between 4% and the rate that would result from applying the Communication of the European Commission regarding the revision of the method for fixing the reference rate and updating. Settlements are made on a quarterly basis.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Program: Financing with corporate investors in the form of a participatory loan to promote corporate entrepreneurship. The objective of the funding is the development of the business plan of companies that participate in corporate entrepreneurial projects. The expenses associated with the development of the business plan subject to the request are financed and corporate entrepreneurship projects are understood to be those in which a corporate investor invests in the capital of a small company or startup, to respond to a corporate investor's need for innovation. Between 50,000 and 200,000 euros are invested.

IFEM investment. Venture Capital of the organization. He acts as an investor in seed-phase venture capital funds that invest in companies with headquarters in Catalonia. It is aimed at companies in the initial stages of creation or in the early stages of expansion with a high technological and innovative content.
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