ICO loan

For companies and entrepreneurs


Maximum 10M€


Companies and self-employed workers in the Spanish state.


Participatory loan


Up to 20 years of amortization and 2 years of grace period for the investment loan or up to 4 and 1 year grace period if it is working capital financing.


Guarantees and fees determined by the bank making the loan.


9 years, with a 7 year grace period


The company must make or have recently made a capital injection


Participatory loans


Applied in two sections. The first tranche will be Euribor + 3.25% and the second will be an additional 6% maximum depending on the company's profitability.


They do not require personal guarantees or guarantees, which makes it much more interesting than a traditional bank loan

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Financing of up to 12.5 million euros
The Official Credit Institute (ICO) offers loans to finance the liquidity and acquisition of fixed assets of companies. The funding it offers is up to a maximum of 10 million euros. The ICO is a public business entity that acts as a public bank, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the State Secretariat for Economy and Business Support. It is an autonomous entity with its own assets and treasures aimed at promoting economic activities that contribute to the growth, development of the country and the improvement of the distribution of national wealth.
How many lines does ICO have?
ICO Guarantees: focused on companies, self-employed workers and public or private entities that have credit from a Mutual Guarantee Company or the State Public Limited Company for Agrarian Security.

ICO Trade Credit: aimed at companies and self-employed workers who need access to liquidity through the advance payment of outstanding bills.

ICO Companies and entrepreneurs: Focused on companies and freelancers that require liquidity or productive investments within Spain. Funding for public bodies and homeowners communities is also in this line.

ICO International: it has two ways: one for the self-employed, companies and public or private entities that require liquidity or investment and another for foreign or Spanish companies that aim to finance the purchase/sale of goods or services.

ICO Exporters: focused on companies or freelancers that need liquidity through the advance payment of invoices that derive from export activities or finance production costs prior to goods or services dedicated to the foreign market.
How do ICO loans work?
ICO loans have a cancellation fee in case of early repayment, but they have no study or opening fees. The maximum funding in general is 12.5 million euros and has a maximum repayment period of 20 years. ICO credits can have a fixed or variable interest that is added to the interest margin (amount established by the entity managing the ICO lines and defined by the amortization period.) 20 years is the maximum payment period and a minimum of 1 year.
How to apply for an ICO loan?
To apply for an ICO loan, it is necessary to go to a bank office for the conditions to consult with the collaborating entity. On the ICO page you will find a list of collaborating entities to apply for the loan. In addition, to apply for the loan, it is necessary to submit a project report explaining the reason for the request.
The company must have its own funds (at least) equivalent to the amount of the loan.
The company must not meet any minimum or maximum seniority requirements.
The company must have market validation based on recurring billing
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