Young Innovative Company

Are you less than 6 years old and your spending on R+D+i exceeds 15% of your company's total expenses?

Apply for the Young Innovative Company Certificate!

The Young Innovative Company certificate of compliance is based on the technical specification of AENOR EA 0043, which establishes the requirements to be able to consider a company as a Young Innovative Company.
What are the benefits of the Young Innovative Company certificate?
Automatic access to the Public Registry of Innovative SMEs: This makes it possible to combine, in the same project, the application of tax deductions in corporate income tax for R+D+i activities and bonuses for people dedicated to R+D+i in Social Security.

Grants for hiring and training technicians and technologists: For the development of R+D+I activities in companies and other entities in the business sector, in accordance with the State Program for the Promotion of Talent and Employability in R+D+i.

Access to alternative lines of funding: Companies that have the Innovative SME Seal have access to all those lines of aid that expressly mention the status of “innovative SME” (such as the ICO line, for example), as well as to participate in public procurement (through “Innovative Public Procurement”).
When is an SME considered a Young Innovative Company?
To be considered a Young Innovative Company, the company must:
Be an SME in accordance with the provisions of the European Commission Recommendation of May 6, 2003.
Be less than 6 years old from the date of commencement of the activity.
Have a minimum expenditure on R+D+i of 15% of the company's total expenses in the previous two years, (or the last one, if it is less than two years old).
What is the process to become certified as a Young Innovative Company?
The SME must develop, implement and document the requirements of the EA0043 standard of 2015, making reports containing:
Justification of compliance with the requirements related to the innovative nature of the process and/or product carried out by the company.
Development and implementation of a specific training plan in the field of strategy and innovation.
Updating/drafting a specific business plan that describes the most significant qualities and the advantages it provides, as well as the market to which it is destined, and a forecast of the profitability, solvency and liquidity of the project.
Once these reports have been submitted, the organization must pass a specific audit in relation to all aspects related to them.
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