Intelectium success story: Cosymbio wins an Enisa Entrepreneurs of more than 120 K€.

Cosymbio was created with the objective of creating an environment that facilitates and promotes the growth of biotechnology startups.

The company's first shared workspace, Cosymbio Labs Barcelona - Poblenou, is Barcelona's first biotechnology collaboration space, one of the most important biotechnology hubs in Europe.

Cosymbio, based in Barcelona and founded just a year ago, in March 2023, offers high-quality laboratories and shared equipment to facilitate the development and growth of both early-stage biotechnology startups and other companies that do not have the capacity to make the investment necessary to have their own laboratory.

The project was born from the needs of the entrepreneurs themselves (researchers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the biotechnology startup sector): despite the growing interest of society in the fields of health and biotechnology, there is a clear lack of available laboratory workspaces adapted to the needs of startups.

Cosymbio Labs Barcelona - Poblenou, the first shared workspace offered by the company, comes to the market as the first coworking with a laboratory that exists nationwide. The space, located in the center of Barcelona, has state-of-the-art laboratories and offices, designed to offer a high level of quality and efficiency. The Cosymbio team provides, in addition to shared scientific equipment and services (including laboratory benches, to help startups develop their research and advance their growth), additional common spaces for meetings, phone calls and coffee breaks.

Why Cosymbio Labs?

  • Cost reduction and flexibility in expenses: It allows you to share expenses, reducing operating costs and providing flexibility in expenses.
  • Collaborative environment that encourages innovation: The collaborative environment promotes interaction between different companies and professionals, which can lead to the generation of innovative ideas and collaboration in joint projects.
  • Flexibility in the rental and use of facilities and equipment: It offers flexible space and equipment rental options, allowing companies to adapt their use according to their changing needs, avoiding capital investments and long-term commitments.
  • It allows you to start the investigation quickly: It provides a ready-to-use environment with infrastructure and equipment already in place, allowing companies to start research quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for the installation and start-up of their own laboratory.
  • Strategic location: Located in 22@, an area close to important research centers and universities, providing companies with access to an environment conducive to collaboration and connection with other experts in the industry.

The solution, therefore, is attractive, not only for startups with little experience in the market, but also for all those biotechnology companies that are not based in Barcelona, but who want to carry out a collaborative study with an institution in the area, as well as for all those universities and research centers that want to study biotechnology, but do not have the right instruments in their laboratories.

The objective of Cosymbio is to become the first coworking network with laboratory spaces designed for biotechnology companies in Europe. To this end, the company is working to continue growing and opening new, larger spaces that allow them to increase their capacity to host biotech companies, reaching 3 spaces by 2026. In the future, the company intends to open locations in the main biotechnology hubs in Europe, such as Germany.

It should be noted that the Cosymbio team is made up of highly qualified entrepreneurs, each with extensive experience in the technological and biotechnology sector, as well as in business development:

  • Andre Guedes: PhD in physics and with extensive experience as an inventor and serial entrepreneur in the technological and biotechnology sector. He has founded four startups, including Flomics Biotech and Droplite.
  • Joao Curado: PhD in bioinformatics and with extensive experience in the technological and biotechnology sector. He is also co-founder and CEO of Flomics Biotech.
  • Iker Cano: He holds an MSc in industrial engineering and has played key roles in leading companies such as Hartmann Group and Saica Group as an innovation consultant.
  • Albert Perez: PhD in biology, scientist with extensive experience in the creation and management of research laboratories and currently laboratory manager at the Josep Carreras Institute.

How has Intelectium helped them?

Intelectium has collaborated with the Cosymbio team in the application and presentation of Enisa Entrepreneurs worth 123,000€, which together with their first round of funding, has allowed them to finance part of the creation of the laboratory, expand the team and start with commercial and marketing actions.

We will keep you updated on the company's news!

More information about the lines of public funding that the company has requested:

Enisa Entrepreneurs

La Línea Enisa Entrepreneurs 2024 offers participatory loans of between 25,000 and 300K€ to co-finance the strategic plan for the coming years.

  • Main requirements: The company must be at least 24 months old and have some market validation in the form of billing. Own funds must be at least equivalent to the amount of the loan. Unlike the Young Entrepreneurs line, founders who apply for loans through the Enisa Entrepreneurs line do not have to meet any age requirements.
  • Interest rate: A first tranche with Euribor +3.75% and a second tranche with variable interest depending on the company's financial profitability, with an established maximum limit of an additional 8%.
  • Commissions: Opening commission of 0.5% of the capital granted.
  • Expiration: The amortization of the loan is up to 7 years, including the grace period that lasts up to 5 years.

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