The CDTI Innovation advances the definition of the challenges of the next call for transmissions, scheduled for the end of May 2024

The objective of the TransMisiones call is to address eight ambitious and relevant thematic priorities relating to priority challenges for Spanish society and economy, in the fields of energy, sustainability, energy, climate change and human and animal health.

Discover the main requirements and conditions of the CDTI Transmissions 2024 call


Up to 110 M€ in grants. Of which:

  • 70 M€ will be allocated to business groups by the CDTI.
  • 40 M€ (pending approval) will go to groups of research and knowledge dissemination organizations.

The call focuses on eight priority challenges:

  • Promoting the development of a Spanish fusion industry: development of technologies to advance on the path to fusion.
  • Energy for the 21st century: boosting advanced fuels, biobased energy sources and synthetic fuels developed from captured CO2.
  • Promotion of the circular economy -especially recycling and valuation- in the field of renewable energy and energy storage.
  • Promotion of secure IoT and edge computing, as well as related deep technologies of a cross-cutting nature, to move towards the autonomous factory.
  • Developments for the preservation and sustainable uses of coasts and oceans in a context of climate change, coexisting with traditional uses and emerging activities.
  • Promote genetic improvement both in plant varieties and in animal and aquaculture species to make them more sustainable, efficient and resilient to climate change.
  • Promotion of immunological tools -vaccines-, innovative pharmacological treatments and control technologies, for the prevention and detection of the first signs of disease in animals, as well as their treatment, aimed at maximizing animal health and welfare.
  • Advance research on infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, in order to have research ecosystems and health systems prepared to diagnose, prevent and treat them.


Groups of entities that collaborate with each other:

  1. Group of companies (3 to 8):
  • Led by a large or medium-sized company
  • or including at least one SME
  • or with an eligible budget of 3 to 10 million euros per group, with a minimum budget per company of 175,000 euros
  • or, at least, 5% of the budget must be dedicated to industrial research activities
  • o grant up to the maximum intensity limit allowed (65% large company, 75% medium and 85% small)
  1. Group of research and knowledge dissemination organizations (minimum 2)

Type of help

Grant with a maximum intensity depending on the type of company, which is defined in:

  • 65% - Large Company
  • 75% - Medium Business
  • 80% - Small Business

For each project and beneficiary, the aid intensity limit will be determined by the weight of each type of activity (industrial research or experimental development) and by the maximum intensity that corresponds in each case.

Main requirements

  • Multiannual projects developed in any Spanish Autonomous Community.
  • Minimum eligible budget of 3 M€ and a maximum of 10 M€.
  • Minimum eligible budget per company of 175,000 euros.
  • The duration of the projects will be 3 or 4 years, starting on January 1, 2025.
  • Industrial research of at least 5% of the eligible budget.
  • For each of the eight proposed missions, there are specific areas for improvement that limit the proposed global challenge. Projects should set objectives aimed at resolving one or more of these areas for improvement, and additional complementary objectives may be set, provided that they are consistent with the selected mission

Eligible costs

  • Personnel costs
  • Costs of inventoriable instruments and material
  • Contract research costs, technical knowledge and patents acquired or obtained by license from external sources under conditions of full competition
  • consulting costs and equivalent services dedicated exclusively to the project
  • overheads and other additional operating expenses deriving directly from the project
  • the expense derived from the auditor's report.

The overall cost of the outsourced activity per beneficiary may not exceed 50% of that beneficiary's eligible budget.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Evaluation of the project's technology and innovation (0-40)
  • Capacity of the consortium in relation to the project (0-35)
  • Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment (0-25)

Deadline for submitting applications

Pending call.

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