ICEC 2024 loans and grants: Grants for Catalan companies in the cultural sector

Through the ICEC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Enterprises), companies based in Catalonia can access different lines of aid for the development of cultural activities throughout the value chain, ranging from production to promotion, distribution, dissemination and exhibition.

The main objective of ICEC is to accompany cultural business projects and to support them to promote business culture in the cultural environment.

In today's article, we'll tell you about the different lines of help available:

Refundable ICEC contributions



Companies (individuals or legal entities) and non-profit entities in the case of symphony orchestra tours. Among the companies benefiting from this type of ICEC grant, we would find cultural projects in music, publishing, performing arts, visual and multimedia arts, feature films, festivals and musical cycles, projects in the recording or musical production field, video games and theatrical productions.


Type of help

Financial aid, in the form of a grant plus loan, of up to 75% of the fundable budget*, which allows the company to have the liquidity to start a cultural project.


*In the case of the distribution and operation of shows, it can reach 100%.


The return of the aid is made within a time period adjusted to the financial needs of the project and taking into account the success or failure of the proposal.


Main requirements

  • Have an address in Catalonia
  • Be at least 2 years old.
  • The corporate purpose must be: production, distribution and dissemination of cultural content


Types of fundable projects

  • Generic: Cultural projects for music, publishing, performing arts, visual arts and multimedia
  • Audiovisual: Feature film distribution plans
  • Music: Festivals and musical cycles and projects in the field of recording or musical production
  • Book: Editorial Projects and Plans
  • Video Games: Projects in the field of video games
  • Distribution and operation of shows: Performing arts and live music projects inside and outside Catalonia
  • Performing arts and music: Theatrical production projects for large format musical shows in Catalan or Occitan.

ICEC Participatory Loans



Provide support in the early stages of business projects.



Cultural startups.



The ICEC has signed a collaboration agreement with the Institut Català de Finances, the entity that manages the processing and formalization of these participatory loans.


Type of help

Long-term participatory loan, without the need for input from outside partners or dilution by the founders.

  • Amortization period: Between 3 and 5 years, including a grace period of 2 years.
  • Interest: 2.5% fixed or minimum interest +variable interest. (maximum total interest rate of 10%). Interest is a tax-deductible expense.
  • Opening fee: 1% of the formalized amount.
  • Monthly amortization.

Cultural Business Acceleration Program


Provide financial support so that cultural performing arts, visual, publishing, musical, audiovisual and digital culture companies can enter into contracts and make strategic investments to accelerate their emergence.


Phases of the program (in grant format):

  1. Acceleration Services. Objective: Beneficiary companies access the services of a consulting firm with the objective of accelerating their growth, through the improvement of the organization, management, development, innovation and competitiveness of the company.
  2. Investments. Objective: To make strategic investments related to Phase 1 financial projects that will allow the company to significantly increase its economic performance, whether quantitative or qualitative.

Call currently open:


Grants for the production of fictional feature films, in accordance with the following modalities:

  • Projects of high cultural, cinematographic, social or experimental interest, with special attention to debut films and new/new directors
  • Projects of cultural interest with a market vocation.
  • Market-oriented projects.



Independent audiovisual production companies that are registered in the Registry of Audiovisual Companies of Catalonia or in the Administrative Register of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Companies managed by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), or those of a Member State of the European Union or associated with the European Economic Area and with a permanent establishment in the Spanish State.


Main requirements:

  • The requesting company will be responsible for the executive production of the project, so that the natural person responsible for executive production will be contractually dependent on the former.
  • Projects carried out under a co-production regime in which the participation of the requesting independent production company is solely financial will not be accepted. In addition, if they are bipartisan international co-productions, the overall contribution to the project by the group of independent production companies that make up the Spanish part cannot be less than 50% of the total budget. If the international co-production is multiparty, the participation of all independent production companies that make up the Spanish part will be the majority.
  • Three students or students or graduates of audiovisual education centers will have to be incorporated into the shooting, as an internship for any of the specialties of screenwriting, production, direction, photography, editing or artistic direction.
  • Audiovisual works in digital format must include, at a minimum, the dubbed or subtitled version in Catalan, in accordance with article 32.3 of Law 20/2010, of July 7, on cinema.
  • The audiovisual work must be completed no later than September 15 of the fourth year after the grant was awarded.
  • The feature film must be released in commercial cinemas in Catalonia no more than 12 months after the submission of the supporting account.


Required Documentation:

  • Script of the proposed audiovisual work.
  • Descriptive report of the feature film that reflects the proposal of the technical and artistic team, including a declaration of intent prepared and signed by the project management stating their intention to direct it, their motivation and aspirations.
  • Report on the measures and initiatives implemented in environmental and sustainability matters.
  • If the feature film is finished at the time the application is submitted, at least, the first rough cut will be provided
  • Etc.


Deadline for submitting applications

Until next April 15, 2024.

We help you get funding from ICEC

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