10 startups with SAAS solutions that are revolutionizing the Spanish market.

In Spain, the number of startups that launch SAAS solutions to the market and the number of companies that choose SAAS solutions to go digital has increased.

In Spain, not only has the number of startups launching SAAS solutions to the market increased, but so has, and especially during the pandemic, the number of companies that choose SAAS solutions to digitize and outsource all types of processes present in their daily lives (from data management to the optimization of their marketing and advertising strategies).

In today's article, we discovered a selection of 10 startups that are developing SAAS solutions and that are revolutionizing the Spanish market:

Repscan makes use of technology for the detection and removal of negative content from the Internet. Repscan quickly, in less than 72 hours, removes both videos and photographs and fake data or news from its customers, so that the latter can be the ones who have control over what is said about them on the network. In addition, through Repscan Alert, the company immediately alerts its users to the publication of content that may negatively affect their reputation.

Auravant was born with the objective of providing the agri-food sector with a platform that would facilitate the adoption of digital agriculture. The company offers different monthly subscription plans so that both individual farmers and large corporations can monitor their crops (both intensive and extensive) remotely (through information provided by satellite images, georeferenced digital maps, etc.) and use their resources efficiently.

Pridatect simplifies data protection management through its automation. The platform allows all types of companies to manage the increasing volumes of data that are present in their daily operations and helps them to be more responsible and secure in the way they protect that data. Among its solutions, Pridatec offers users a quick online GDPR audit whose results are available in 5 minutes.

Alqua is a company that develops technological and digital consulting solutions that manage to maximize the digital potential of its clients and greater business performance, through a multidisciplinary approach focused on promoting innovation. At Alqua, they implement third-party technologies and their own technology (Alqua Cloud) to cover all the needs of marketing and digital teams: they enhance their presence on social networks, increase website traffic, optimize the ROI and performance of digital campaigns, etc.

Cobee has developed a platform that allows companies to manage their employees' benefit and flexible compensation plans in a flexible and fully automated way. Thus, through Cobee, employees can, for free, enjoy fully personalized compensation plans (expenses for meals, public transport, day care, etc.), which they can control and manage from their own mobile phone.

Iomob is a company that works with the mission of supporting climate action. In this case, it does so by developing an on-demand mobility platform that allows sustainable mobility to be an easily available and accessible option for citizens. The Iomob application integrates a wide range of mobility services, including micromobility, shared mobility, taxis, public transport, etc.

Amphora Logistics automatically manages the logistics of e-businesses that require it, throughout all stages of the supply chain; allowing them to save time, money and problems. The process is simple: Amphora customers connect their businesses to the platform and send their products, which Amphora then stores and ships to the end customer as they are sold, through its own network of warehouses and carriers.

Bionline makes use of artificial intelligence and applies it to the marketing and sales areas of its clients' businesses so that they can increase the commercial productivity of their companies (regardless of their sector of activity) and, therefore, their sales. Bionline develops proven prediction models to improve cross-selling actions, build customer loyalty through up-selling, make better personalized recommendations based on each customer's preferences, etc.

Zexel is an influencer campaign management software that automates financial administrative processes between the agency and the influencer. Zexel's features include, among others, digital contract signing and automatic invoice management, which allows access to payment history as well as to make such payments directly from the platform itself. The solution, available both to agencies and to the influencers themselves, makes it possible to manage the entire process, from start to finish.

Banzzu has developed a platform so that those businesses in the hospitality sector that were not yet in the hospitality sector can be digitized: having their own mobile application and website and offering a complete order management service to their customers, with an hourly delivery service, which makes it possible to avoid commissions to third parties. In addition, Banzzu offers incentives such as offers and raffles to build customer loyalty and allows restaurants to increase their turnover through features such as the interactive digital menu.