14 startups in the pet tech sector that are revolutionizing the Spanish market

Get to know 14 innovative projects that offer pet tech solutions capable of improving the quality of life of all types of animals and pets.

Today, we bring you a selection of 14 Pet Tech projects that are revolutionizing the Spanish market.

The global market for pet care products and services is growing at a rate of 5% per year and is expected to continue to do so until 2025. Companies in the pet tech sector, dedicated to pet services, innovative food, technological products, animal health or those known as pet wearables, make use of technology to offer innovative solutions that improve the daily lives of pets. Here are some of them:

Barkibu works with artificial intelligence and algorithms so that pets can access the care they need. Through an application, dog and cat owners have unlimited access to a virtual veterinary assistant to consult questions related to the health of their animal. Through the Barkibu Intelligence Unit, they develop products that help brands to extract insights and better understand their customers.

Kibus has developed a machine that cooks healthy food for dogs and cats automatically, from dehydrated food. Once the food is ready, an acoustic signal sounds. In addition, food is distributed throughout the day in a multi-dose format, through a process that can even be programmed remotely: a revolutionary way to offer pets healthy options.

Patasbox send its customers monthly boxes that can contain everything from toys to snacks or premium food with which to surprise their pets. The boxes revolve around a different theme each month and are adapted to the specific characteristics of each dog. In addition, the company allocates part of its profits to a different protector each month.

Miscota is one of the main e-commerce for pets and all types of animals (dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, horses...) present in more than 90 countries. The company, which plans to open 400 stores over the next three years, has created its own brand of pet accessories through which its users can purchase, among others, hygienic bags, feeders and scrapers for their pets.

EOS is a company specialized in the elimination of odors and air treatments, as well as their purification. Customers can apply the solutions by choosing the format that best suits their space, from polymer tablets, water-soluble liquid or dry vapor. The EOS team has developed a specific spray for pets, capable of instantly neutralizing bad odors.

Aristopet is an e-commerce of pet products that aspires to build a faithful community through which to generate and promote awareness and respect for animals. The platform focuses on the sale of aspirational products for dogs and cats and for the owners themselves, who can purchase everything from clothing and accessories to art and decorative items.

Miwuki is an online platform promoted by the Affinity Foundation with the objective of combating the abandonment of companion animals. The use of its technology helps more than 700 organizations to manage their daily lives, facilitating, among others, fundraising and animal adoption processes among the already more than 90,000 registered users.

UVI24 provides its users with an application with which they can always have control over which is the nearest veterinary clinic or hospital to be able to go to in case of emergency. Using the same application, the user can contact specialists via video call. In addition, the UVI24 team has digitized the search process for lost animals.

Waniyampi is the first online pastry shop for pets. Users can customize healthy snacks (choosing between different bases, flavors and extra ingredients) created from organic and natural ingredients. Waniyampi allows you to choose between three different packs, with quantities adapted to the size of each pet.

Wakyma is a startup in the pet tech sector that facilitates pet care through a platform that allows us to comprehensively manage issues such as the care that the animal needs or to carry a digitized version of its record. Through the application, users can access information about different services and discover new pet-friendly locations.

Dinbeat has developed a harness that can measure the vital signs (temperature, heart rate, respiration, etc.) of pets through sensors. The Dinbeat team works to improve the health care that animals receive, so as soon as the device detects a change in the constants, it notifies the professional who is in charge of the animal.

Snau is a marketplace for services for dogs that offers its solutions through a collaborative economy model. Through Snau, pet owners contact professionals and amateurs and access a wide range of services, also available at home, including: daycare, accommodation, training, hairdressing.

Gudog allows its users to choose from more than 15,000 users, with experience, willing to walk and take care of their pets. Gudog, which offers walking, day care and lodging services, is working to become the main alternative to kennels. For now, the solution is available for Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Frankie the King is a dog food service. Through its website, the customer can choose a personalized subscription plan, with quantities adapted to the size of each of their pets. The company has developed its own algorithm that allows them to determine the exact amount of calories appropriate for each dog (quantities and recipes are adjusted over time, depending on the progression reported by the customer).

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