eMobility Expo World Congress 2024 seeks the most innovative startups in sustainable mobility

The eMobility Startup Forum will bring together more than 400 startups from around the world that will compete with their solutions and business models to transform the mobility industry

The event will connect business leaders in the mobility sector and investors with startups to promote knowledge transfer and the creation of synergies between them.

eMobility Expo World Congress 2024, the innovation event for the sustainable mobility industry held in Valencia February 13 to 15, will host one more year the eMobility Startup Forum, a competition between the most innovative startups that will present the most disruptive technology-based solutions and business models in sustainable mobility.

The eMobility Startup Forum will bring together more than 400 startups from around the world, of which a total of 30 will be selected to present their project during the afternoon of February 14 and all day of February 15. The forum is open to startups that provide new ideas, technologies, initiatives, sustainable solutions, management models, and especially success stories and projects that help the different segments of the industry (automotive, maritime transport, air transport, rail, bus, urban mobility, micro mobility...) and also to the logistics and energy sector to improve fleet management, adopt new, more sustainable fuel sources, or to move towards more connected, autonomous and safe mobility.

Along these lines, the solutions presented should stand out for their innovation and impact on the mobility sector through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Industrial Cloud or Machine Learning, as well as solutions in the field of new energy sources such as hydrogen, lithium batteries, new materials and chargers, as well as solutions for the connected and autonomous car. All those startups that want to participate in the eMobility Startup Forum can submit your candidacy until next January 17.

Creating synergies for a more sustainable future

Within the framework of the eMobility Startup Forum, business leaders in the sector, potential partners and investors will have the opportunity to meet with these startups to promote the transfer of knowledge and the creation of synergies between all actors in the industry, with the objective of improving the productivity of the sector; developing more sustainable industries, regions and cities; generating future-oriented production and business models; and expanding the capabilities and utility of mobility products.

“Sustainable mobility is a key driver in global economic growth and in promoting a more productive future in terms of transport and energy use. For this reason, eMobility Startup Forum seeks to create synergies between startups and organizations in the sector to promote the development of technological solutions that facilitate the change of the current mobility model”, highlights Jesús Haro, director of eMobility Expo World Congress.

The second edition of the eMobility Startup Forum will be held within the framework of the eMobility Expo World Congress 2024, which for three days will bring together in Valencia more than 6,000 professionals from all over the world, from the public and private sectors, to define the challenges and solutions involved in the development of the new mobility.

About eMobility Expo World Congress

It is the professional event for the sustainable mobility industry. For three days, eMobility Expo will bring together in Valencia leading firms specialized in micromobility, the automotive industry, technology, manufacturers of electric batteries and charging systems, new fuel sources, products for automated and autonomous driving, component industry, logistics, aeronautics, railway and naval, as well as startups that are revolutionizing the sector. Within the framework of the event, eMobility World Congress will take place, at which more than 375 experts will share the keys to implementing new business models and will present the most cutting-edge technological and sustainable trends in the field of mobility.