INNOTEC ACCIÓ 2024: Non-refundable grants for startups in Catalonia

The objective of the INNOTEC program is to promote collaboration between companies and technology providers (TECNIO groups).

The objective of the INNOTEC program is to promote the development of innovative products and processes through collaboration between companies and technology providers (accredited as TECNIO centers), thus promoting knowledge transfer.

Funding characteristics of the INNOTEC Program

Through the INNOTEC program, ACCIÓ offers non-refundable grants for R&D projects that have a total budget of between 50,000 and 200,000€, developed collaboratively between companies and TECNIO groups. The intensity of the aid will vary between 25% and 70% of the total project, depending on the type of project and the size of the company.

For industrial research projects:

  • Small Business: 70% -
  • Medium-sized company: 60% -
  • Large company: 50%

For experimental development projects:

  • Small Business: 45%
  • Medium-sized company: 35%
  • Large company: 25%

The aid may be used to finance the expenses of the technical personnel hired, by the requesting company, for the development of the project and for the expenses derived from external collaborations.

Main requirements

  • Companies applying for the INNOTEC program must have: operational headquarters in Catalonia and a minimum of 3 years of life, in order to be eligible for grants.
  • The maximum duration of the projects developed will be 3 years from the date of application for the aid.
  • Projects in which the eligible expenditure of any of the participating companies represents more than 70% of the total or more than 50% of the total in the case of accredited TECNIO centers cannot be beneficiaries.

How does ACCIÓ evaluate projects?

The ACCIÓ Business Innovation Unit will be responsible for evaluating each of the projects based on previously established criteria. This body may request expert advice if it deems it necessary. Each of the evaluation areas has some minimum thresholds that companies must achieve to be eligible for aid, and which are defined in:

Technological value of the 100/200 project

  • Technological progress 0/50
  • Technological risk 0/50
  • Good justification and dimensioning of resources associated with scientific-technical activities 0/50
  • Adequacy (coherence and justification) of the scientific-technological capacity of R&D agents 0/50

Implementation of the 50/100 project

  • Project Management 0/35
  • Capacity of the participating company (s) 0/25
  • Project coherence 0/40

Impact of the 100/200 project

  • Expected impact on the competitiveness of project 0/60 participants
  • Expected impact on the environment 0/35
  • Impact on company R&D 0/35
  • Expected impact on sustainability 0/35
  • Expected impact in the post-Covid 0/35

Thus, any project that, meeting the requirements set out in the call, reaches the minimum thresholds for each of the three blocks and that, therefore, has a score equal to or greater than 250 points; may be eligible to be a beneficiary of the requested grant. As a general rule, all companies that reach 250 points will be eligible for the aid. If existing funds are not sufficient to cover aid to all companies that have achieved a score of 250 points, ACCIÓ will prioritize those companies whose score is higher than the rest.

What is the company profile that can apply for aid from INNOTEC?

R&D projects developed by companies, with headquarters or tax domicile in Catalonia, that have the following may be eligible for INNOTEC grants collaboration of TECNIO centers, comprised between TRL3 and TRL7, for the realization of the same.

Projects may belong to any sector and technology, as long as they are included within the RIS3CAT strategy.

Even so, ACCIÓ will give special priority to those projects that are developed within the framework of what is known as circular economy. Regarding the type of company, its size will not be a relevant factor in obtaining funding.

The committee will evaluate the The company's resource capacity, both material and human and economic; to carry out the project.

On the other hand, although the creating a new relationship for the development of R&D projects, the fact that there is a relationship prior to the start of the project, between the company and the TECNIO group, will not represent an exclusion criterion.

Substitute or complementary funding

The fact that a company is a beneficiary of one of the grants offered by the program, to achieve a specific project, will not prevent it from being able to request more INNOTEC grants for the development of other R&D projects, as long as the tasks assigned to each project are substantially different. In the same way, the same researcher can apply to several projects, with the only condition that the maximum commitment to be allocated to all the projects in which it participates is less than 80%, in the case of hired personnel, and 100%, in the case of new recruitment.

Although the full payment of the aid will be made once the justification for carrying out the project has been verified, beneficiary companies may request an advance payment, up to 20% of the grant, without the need for a guarantee.

If necessary, companies may request an advance payment of up to the remaining 80%, for which a bank guarantee will be required, corresponding to the amount of said advance. TECNIO groups may request an advance payment, without the need for a guarantee, of up to 80% of the grant awarded.

In the same way, if necessary, they can request an advance of up to the remaining 20%, as long as they have a bank guarantee.

On the other hand, companies benefiting from any of the INNOTEC program will not be able to receive grants granted by external entities (Administrations or other public entities) or other lines of R&D aid and loans published by ACCIÓ, for an amount greater than the amount of expenses eligible for the INNOTEC call itself.

How to apply for funding from the INNOTEC Program.

In order to be eligible for aid from the INNOTEC program, companies must submit a technical report, which includes an executive summary sheet of the project and a complete and detailed budget, among others; as well as the respective models that form part of the justification for the project. In addition, in the case of collaboratively developed projects, companies must provide a participation form signed by the legal representative of each of the participants. As for the technical report that companies must submit at the time of the application, ACCIÓ recommends in the INNOTEC program call itself that it should not exceed 30 pages. If necessary, companies can complete this report by submitting an annex. The company will have the role of coordinator of the project and therefore she will be responsible for submitting both the grant application and the carrying out of the project and the supporting documentation for the project

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