PERTE Aerospace and Vanguard Health 2024: Partially reimbursable grants with funding intensities of up to 90% of the project

The CDTI will be the funding entity of this Aerospace and Health PERTE and, through the open call throughout the year, will grant partially reimbursable grants, within the framework of the recovery, transformation and resilience plan.


Companies that are validly constituted have their own legal personality and tax address in Spain, and carry out an R&D project in Spain.

Projects must demonstrate a technological differential aspect over existing technologies in the market.

Type of help

Partially refundable loan, up to 90% of the total approved budget, with the following characteristics:

  • Fixed Interest Rate: 1-year Euribor.
  • Amortization period: 15 years, including 2 years of grace period.
  • Non-refundable tranche (grant) of up to 20% of the aid granted.
  • Possibility to receive an advance payment for 35% of the aid, without the need for additional guarantees.

Main requirements of the CDTI Aerospace and Health PERTE

  • Minimum fundable budget: 175,000€
  • Minimum duration: 12 months
  • Deadline for the execution of the projects: Until 31/12/2025.
  • External collaborations may not exceed 65% of the eligible budget in general, and may reach up to 80% for the biopharmaceutical sector.
  • The aid must have an incentive effect on the activity subject to the aid.

Fundable projects

From the health field:

• Promoting personalized precision medicine.

• Development of advanced therapies and other innovative drugs.

• Improved prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and health-oriented research, based on the collection, treatment, analysis and exploitation of data.

• Digital transformation of healthcare under conditions of cybersecurity.

From the aerospace field:

In aeronautics:

• Research and development aimed at increasing aircraft efficiency and significantly reducing polluting emissions from air transport, including airport infrastructure and air navigation systems that facilitate more efficient air traffic.

• New unmanned aircraft developments and necessary software and hardware infrastructure for their safe operation in shared airspace.

• Onboard systems and equipment.

In space:

• Design of payloads related to environmental control, quantum communications and security in international cooperation.

• Strengthen Spanish technological capabilities for the commercial use of space (including New Space).

Cross Lines:

• Sustainability, digitalization and innovation in the aerospace industry, including innovative maintenance systems, such as predictive analysis and real-time monitoring.

Financiable expenses

  • Personnel expenses
  • Instrument and material costs
  • Contract research costs, knowledge and patents, consulting, etc.
  • Additional overheads and other expenses derived from the project.
  • Expenses derived from the auditor's report

CDTI Aerospace and Health PERTE Evaluation Criteria

Technical Assessment:

  • Plan for commercial exploitation of the project.
  • Project technology and innovation.
  • Capacity of the company in relation to the project.
  • Socio-economic impact assessment, gender perspective, accessibility and sustainability.

Financial Evaluation Criteria:

  • Analysis of the consideration of a company in crisis.
  • Economic-financial and risk analysis.
  • Economic-financial analysis of the project.
  • Economic-financial adaptation of the company to the activities carried out in the project.

Information required during the application process

  • Name and size of the company
  • Description of the project, including start and end dates
  • Project location
  • Project cost list
  • Type of aid and amount of public funding needed to carry out the project

Deadline for submitting applications

The call will remain open throughout the year.

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