Intelectium success story: Gaddex achieves an Enisa Growth of 230K€.

Gaddex is an all-in-one platform for all internal company initiatives focused on recovering employee engagement and facilitating the work of human resources departments.

The application, born in the midst of a pandemic with the objective of helping to solve staff retention problems, counts among its clients large corporations such as PepsiCo, BCDTravel and Innotec, among others.

It has been proven that companies with cohesive teams and an internal social culture have higher rates of innovation, collaboration and high talent retention. For this reason, Gaddex was born as the reference tool in the market for connecting employees.


In a highly dynamic labor market, where employee turnover is frequent with an average duration of approximately 3 years in each company, retaining talent has become increasingly challenging. Employees are expanding their selection criteria beyond salary, prioritizing other key aspects for their satisfaction and professional development.


In this sense, through the application, employees can propose plans or join them and receive discounts when they organize plans through it. The solution allows employees to network with the entire company and stay connected beyond the office, thus strengthening the company itself.


Why Gaddex?

  • It reinforces the company culture in an optimal way and aligned with the company's objectives. Allowing the management and organization of events in an agile and efficient way.
  • Greater internal connection and interaction favors collaboration, innovation and internal promotion.
  • Teams with high diversity and integration they generate better ideas and increase the value provided to the organization.


The solution favors both employees and the organization itself, facilitating networking, inclusion and increasing well-being and, on the other hand, increasing loyalty, productivity and facilitating the onboarding of new employees.


The company, which already has more than 10 employees, was founded in July 2020, with the objective of strengthening the connection between employees, the strong and human relationship between colleagues to create a great sense of belonging to the company.


Currently, the company is in a period of strong growth, where it has a solution developed and validated in the market, with large clients recognized nationally.

Gaddex addresses its solution to the B2B market, that is, it markets its platform directly to companies that they then use to organize corporate events (B2B) or offer it to their employees to organize events between employees (B2B2C).


Currently, the company offers different solutions, adapted to the needs of companies:

  • Gaddex App: Main application that allows, among others, the management of events, the support of the company in achieving its previously set objectives, effective and optimized communication between all members of the organization and the analysis and integration of data. (the tool offers scores, medals and rewards for actions performed in the application).
  •  Experience Hub: Tool that facilitates the organization of teambuilding events, through a wide range of activities designed to promote team cohesion and impact their motivation and well-being.
  • Corporate Pro event: Tool that facilitates the management and sponsorship of large corporate events and sports tournaments within the company.


The entrepreneurial team is made up of multidisciplinary profiles with previous experience working in large corporations and with previous experience as investors and/or founders of other projects. Among them are:

  • Alejandro Paloma Garcia (CEO)
  • Alex Font Giovannini (CSO)
  • Victor Vicente (CTO)

After a small round of funding in 2021, thanks to Business Angels and those known as 3F, the company began an investment round of more than 500K€ in 2023, with large investors such as Startup Wise Guys, Juanjo Mostazo and Nacho Travesí, among others, with the aim of accelerating the company's growth so that it can consolidate its presence at the national level, as well as begin its international expansion to new countries.

How has Intelectium helped them?

Intelectium has collaborated with the Gaddex team in the request and presentation of Enisa Growth worth 230,000€, which will allow them to continue growing, expanding their internal team and investing in new paid marketing strategies and the development of their technological platform.

In addition, Intelectium is also working together with the Gaddex team on the application for the Research Program, for the hiring of technical personnel.

We will keep you updated on the company's news!


More information about the lines of public funding that the company has requested:

Enisa Growth

La Línea Enisa Growth 2024 offers participatory loans of between 25,000 and 1.5M€ to co-finance the strategic plan for the coming years.

Main requirements:

  • The company must be at least 24 months old and have some market validation in the form of billing.
  • Own funds must be at least equivalent to the amount of the loan.
  • Unlike the Young Entrepreneurs line, founders who apply for loans through the Enisa Entrepreneurs line do not have to meet any age requirements.

Interest rate: A first tranche with Euribor +3.75% and a second tranche with variable interest depending on the company's financial profitability, with an established maximum limit of an additional 8%.

Commissions: Opening commission of 0.5% of the capital granted.

Expiration: The amortization of the loan is up to 9 years, including the grace period that lasts up to 7 years.

Research Program

Through the Research Program, companies based in Catalonia, can access grants on a non-competitive basis, of up to 33,108.92 euros per person hired and year of contract.

Main requirements:

  • The duration of contracts must be full-time.
  • The contract must begin after the resolution of the grant and, at least, one month after the completion of the selection procedure carried out by the entity receiving the aid.
  • New hires of young people under 30 years of age on sites of Programmers, Developers, Innovators, Test Staff, Test Staff, New Product Creators, UX/UI Profiles, Laboratory Staff, and in general People with Development (Programming), Research or Innovation (New Products) Tasks.


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